Best Badminton Racket under 2500 in India 2021

Are you looking for the best badminton racket under 2500 INR? Do you need an ultimate buying guide for selecting the perfect badminton racket for yourself? If yes, you’re on the right page. Selecting the best badminton racket within a limited budget isn’t an easy task, especially for beginners. There are specific parameters you need to consider before entering the badminton racket shops.

In today’s post, we’re going to consider all these parameters to help you get the best badminton racket for yourself. Apart from the buying guide, we’ll also discuss about the different types of badminton rackets available under 2500 INR.

Playing with the same badminton racket affects your game performance and skills. As a badminton enthusiast, you need to upgrade your equipment to polish your skills and beat the competitors. The key to success has a fine-tuned badminton racket under your belt. Your ideal badminton racket should be compatible with your style, skills, and offer long-lasting performance.

So without further ado, before we jump on our ultimate buyer’s guide, let’s understand the different types of badminton rackets. Believe it or not, if you follow every single word of this post, no one can stop you from getting the best badminton racket under 2500 INR.

A Brief Overview About Different Types Of Badminton Rackets Under 2500 INR

Every badminton player is different, and any badminton racket is not suitable for you. If your favorite badminton player has a sophisticated Yonex badminton racket, it doesn’t mean you have to get the same racket. If you step into the Indian market, there is something available for every badminton player, even under a limited budget.

There are basic rackets that are cost-effective for beginners and help them boost performance and polish their skills. On the contrary, expert players know what kind of badminton racket is required to beat their competitors. Now, let’s dive deeper and know about different kinds of badminton rackets available in the Indian market.

Beginners Badminton Rackets 

Yonex, Li Ning, and Wilson are the best brands in the Indian market that manufactures high-quality badminton rackets for beginners under 2500 INR. As a beginner, look for badminton rackets made from graphite material. Having a lightweight racket is also essential for learning handling skills. The frame head and grip should be appropriate for improving your game performance.

Badminton Rackets For Noise Reduction

These badminton rackets are suitable for everyone and easily available in the price range of 2500 INR. The key feature of this badminton type is it doesn’t make noise even while hitting the shuttle hard. Experts and professional badminton players mostly prefer this badminton racket type because they don’t make that annoying crackling sound.

Sometimes the harsh racket sound is annoying and can disturb your gameplay. The frame head and the built material of this racket type is superior; hence, it causes less sound.

Badminton Rackets For Hard Smashing 

This badminton racket is not suitable for beginners and even intermediate players. Most professionals prefer this racket type for competitions and daily practice. This badminton racket type is built with hard material, and handling them is pretty easy.

Most professional badminton players will consider this badminton racket type for smashing the shuttle hard. Plus, such rackets are also advantageous for improving the shorts.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Badminton Racket Under 2500 INR For Yourself

As already mentioned above, every type of badminton racket isn’t suitable for everyone; hence, you need to consider factors like weight, balance, shape, grip, etc. After researching for hours, we have understood the importance of having the right badminton racket for your gameplay. Hence, it is always recommended to find a racket suitable for your needs. Consider the important factors mentioned below before making any buying decisions.

Material Of The Racket

According to the price range of 2500 INR, most badminton rackets are made of aluminum, graphite, and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber and graphite are the materials that are highly durable compared to aluminum. The basic, cost-effective badminton rackets are made of wood.

Graphite and aluminum badminton rackets are highly preferred because they are lightweight and easy to handle. Badminton rackets made of carbon fiber reduces shock, and you don’t need to put much energy into swinging the racket in the air.

Weight Of The Racket

The weight of badminton rackets is indicated as F, U, and W. Every player needs to consider this factor for beating the competitors. The average weight of your badminton racket should be around 80-100 grams.

In our opinion, beginners should only look for lightweight rackets, whereas skillful players should consider heavier rackets. In other words, experienced players should only consider heavier rackets because handling such rackets isn’t easy.

Controlling the heavier rackets is challenging for beginners because of a lack of skills and practice. Hence, now you can understand which badminton racket is suitable for your gameplay.

Grip Of The Racket

Most beginners and intermediate players ignore this factor, but professional players consider the grip factor firstly. There are three types of badminton grips which are Towel Grip, Overgrip, and Replacement Grip.

Replacement grips are thicker and made from PU material. On the other hand, overgrips are softer and thinner than replacement grips. Tower grip is cost-effective, easy to replace, and offers adequate stickiness. Beginners and intermediate players should consider tower grip and overgrip is suitable for professional players.

Regardless of the grip type you select, constant replacement is necessary, and avoid wearing grips for a longer period. For reducing the stickiness and sweat, use a plain cotton cloth.

Final Wrap-Up

Lastly, we recommend you conduct thorough research and compare different badminton rackets. With our ultimate buying guide for badminton rackets, beginners, intermediate, and even professional players can get their right badminton rackets within a limited budget.

We recommend you to bookmark this page in your browser because remembering this entire post isn’t easy. We hope this post helps you in grabbing the right badminton racket for yourself.

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